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We take special care in preparing our roadmaps considering the content to be developed, security and the logistics involved. Below are some examples of itineraries offered among the many options we have in our portfolio and we certainly have one for you. For further clarification and elaboration of customized itineraries, please fill in the form in the contact section where our staff will be pleased to reply to.
Sightseeing tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (The Wonderful City)

How about getting to know one of the Seven Wonders of the World? And the soccer stadium that hosted two World Cup finals? These and many other special attractions are in this fascinating itinerary.

The Colonial, Imperial and Republican Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is not only Samba and Soccer there's also the historical side of this fantastic city that was once the capital of the Portuguese colonial empire and also became the first capital of the Republic.

While the ball is out of the field

A tour through the history of Soccer in Rio de Janeiro, the abolition of slavery and the inclusion of afro-descendants in soccer, the transition from empire to republic, a parallel between voting and the Constitution of clubs told in four stadiums: Das laranjeiras (the Orange), General Severiano, São Januario(San Gennaro), Maracanã Brazil.

A walk through the past

Walking through the streets of Santa Teresa, Lapa and downtown with many stories to tell and curiosities, such as the famous stairways of Santa Teresa, the architecture and different lifestyle. The Arches of Lapa; the bohemian lifestyle, the diversity and art. Downtown; the theaters, the streets, the museums, churches, and just beyond the XV square, the Imperial Palace and the Guanabara Bay.

Rio de Janeiro – A day in the green

We will visit the Tijuca Forest the largest urban forest replanted by man with an area of 3953 hectares of Atlantic Forest, a true paradise in the city. An incredible encounter with waterfalls, sensations, smells, trees, trails, small animals and quietness. And the Botanical Garden founded on June 13th, 1808 by the Portuguese regent prince Dom João to install on the site a gunpowder factory and a garden for acclimatization of plant species originating from other parts of the world. Today it is constituted as one of the world's leading research centers in the fields of botany and biodiversity conservation.

The charms of Niemeyer

A stroll through the other side of the Guanabara Bay - Niterói. Crossing the bay towards the Niemeyer Way and his works of art in the forms of buildings going by the beaches of Icarai, Inga, San Francisco, Jurujuba passing by the Park Parque Da Cidade and the old Fort.

In contact with Biodiversity

We will take a boat trip that lasts about one hour and a half by the lakes Tijuca, Camorim and Jacarepagua, an oasis in Barra da Tijuca. An encounter with the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, and its mangrove swamps, fauna and flora, sandbanks and small islands that frames Rio's landscape. We will take a walk through the largest island, inhabited, where cars are not allowed in.

Cristo Redentor (The statue of Christ the Redeemer)
Pão de Açúcar (A complex of hills connected by cabel cars)
Sambódromo (Samba parade way)
Maracanã (Soccer stadium)

Our company

Who we are: Saber & Lazer, located in Taboão da Serra (SP) is the accomplishment of a life project that emerged after long years of preparation, research and expertise in order to unite two great passions: Tourism and Education.

When merging these passions we can offer quality educational itineraries making them accessible to all cycles and levels of society without distinction. Awakening the desire for traveling and making learning more interesting and attractive, promoting an internal transformation and awakening the lack of creativity.

One of the differences of Saber & Lazer is our staff, composed by professionals graduated in Tourism and in several other areas of knowledge, all united by the same passion and ideals, thus giving us a better understanding of our costumers' needs and a broader view in the preparation and construction of our itineraries. We believe that learning is not only confined to schools, educational tourism when well planned and executed becomes a powerful tool and a great ally to educators, promoting profound changes in individuals arousing the curiosity for knowledge, critical thinking, the understanding of history and thus contributing to the formation of a better and more humane society.

Our mission
Offer personalized and high quality educational itineraries to schools, colleges, universities and organizations in Brazil.

Our values
Total dedication to our costumers
Focus on results
Our differential

-Guides accredited by the Ministry of Tourism.
-Guiding in LIBRAS ( Brazilian Sign Language).
-Specialized guides in Educational Tourism.
-Itineraries in other languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian among others).
-Personalized itineraries.
-Multidisciplinary team.
-Training and continuous improvement of our team of employees
-Partnership with many companies.
-Providers of approved services.

The result of a good partnership expanding through the same interest, gaining a growing and selected market. Partnership is a great achievement with return on investment for it is adding, dividing and afterwards multiplying that they strengthen each other and thrive amongst themselves, therefore having a greater vision in business and adding new knowledge, always seeking further growth with only one purpose, the rule is simple: Partnership = Union = knowledge = Productivity = Results.
Social Responsibility
Joining other entities and partners we developed social actions for organizations and for the communities where we live and work in. Each employee and the believes that through solidary actions we contribute to the formation of the society and a better country for this and future generations.
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